Blessed are the cheese makers….for they shall be ASBO’ed

This week those not-so-happy little elves from the high-vis jacket wearing world of elf’N’Safety killjoy’s tried to end a thousand year old tradition of cheese rolling in Gloucester. Even to the point where the coppers went around and threatened the 86 year old cheese maker who supplied the cheese with legal action if she did so.

As a result, while the “cheese run” did go ahead, instead the double Gloucester cheese was replaced with a foam replica. Ya, that was always the big health and safety issue with rolling down a steep hill in a massive group, you might whack you’re head of off a lump of semi-soft cheese! :no:

Apparently its now illegal to roll a lump of cheese down a hill….I’d best not let the coppers know my lunch box rolled down the stairs last night! ;D Could end up in court! While I’m not normally the sort to agree with Osborne, clearly Gloucestershire police can make a few cut backs given that their officers have sufficient free time on their hands to go around harassing grandmothers about lumps of cheese when they could be out catching burglars or something!

…then again, I knew someone who worked in narcotics and he lamented that any time he and his mates talked about doing a big drug bust, uniform would suddenly develop the urge to go check up on parking meters on the other side of town or something. I mean those drug dealer types are dangerous psycho’s, someone should lock them up…oh wait! that’s our job!

But back to the cheese. Much of this nanny state malarkey is driven by the morbid fear of councils or police forces about them being sued by someone for some reason. Hence they have to react to the “threat” of being sued, rather to a clear case or risk of it. This is largely due to the lack of a UK constitution as one can never be sure what a judge or jury will come up with.

Basic common sense would tell you that chasing a lump of cheese down a steep hill is for the very brave and very stupid (more the latter than the former me thinks!) and any injury you suffer is the fault of nobody but yourself(save the parent who dropped you on you’re head as a weein!) :)). But courts, the police nor councils don’t do common sense! Hence the value of creating a law (or getting a written constitution) on the books that requires you to exert it at all times. And if you “forget” well that’s why you’re brain has these things called pain receptors for, to “remind” you of danger! ;D


2 thoughts on “Blessed are the cheese makers….for they shall be ASBO’ed

  1. Hard to believe isn’t it?
    I’ve just come back from Turkey where guys drive around on mopeds in shorts and flip flops, sometimes with bare-headed kids and wives on the back.
    These bloody killjoys are helping to terminate our cultural heritage because they’re frightened to death of their own shadows. Fuckwits.


  2. there is always a backlash to this sort of ridiculous bureaucracy….. all u need to do is get em to sign adisclaimer for when they injure themselves – they are liable for nhs bills!


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