Swivel eyed Tory loons

One story doing the rounds the other week was how Cameron apologized for one of his staff apparently not calling Tory grass roots activists “Swivel eyed loons”. The Lady doth protest too much me thinks!

I think Cameron (or one of cronies) was referring (or they would claim NOT referring) to the tendencies of a certain class of Tory supporter. I supposed we’d now call them UKIP Tories. These individuals are basically caught in a time warp. I mean, I reckon that when one of these types (and the same goes for Farage) appears on the TV the Beeb should turn off the colour and HDTV sound and the result would be a more appropriate representation of them and their views (like one of those Harry Enfield sketches).

As I mentioned in a prior post many of them don’t seem to understand that this thing called “globalisation” has occurred, nor that the UK has any longer got an Empire to call on (indeed more of UK industry is owned by Indian or Canadian multinationals these days that the UK owns Indian or Canadian based firms). Thus they don’t understand why the policies they favour, such as pulling out of Europe or “shutting the door” on immigrants is just plain unworkable and would probably bankrupt the UK.

They seem to think the UK is swamped with immigrants, unaware that its closer to about 11% of the population. They blame immigrants for claiming the bulk of benefits. But again, only a tiny fraction of the welfare budget is spent on immigrants (easily cancelled out by the tax revenue gained via immigrants). And jobseekers allowance, also is only a small fraction of the overall welfare budget (about 3% in fact!), the bulk of it actually being spent on tax credits to people who are working!

There is indeed a certain class of Tories who have their priorities all wrong. For example the recent legislation on gay marriage. I think for the vast majority of the country this is not a major political issue, but to a large chuck of the Tory base it’s the most controversial bill passed by parliament in a long time. They object to gay marriage not necessarily for religious reasons but because they fear “the gay agenda” which presumably will now involve making Gay marriage compulsory for all Tories and the refounding of Sodom and Gomorah in England’s green and pleasant land…or as its otherwise known “Essex” 😀

They also don’t understand the nature of international politics. e.g. they don’t understand how crucial it is the US to keep the UK in the EU (and thus how damaging it would be to the UK to leave), nor that China is now a bigger influence over US affairs than the UK.

And they have, to say the least, a warped view of history. I’ve come across some crazies in the UK who are convinced that EU is part of some German revenge plot for the bombing of Berlin, or in another case he thought that the reason for WW2 was to protect the British Empire (not because Hitler invading Poland/Czechoslovakia/the Rhineland/persecuting Jews, etc.).

And many, as I’ve previously highlighted, have something of a technophobic streak, suspicious of these “smart people” in lab coats telling us to take vaccines, the value of stem cell research or the need to take action on global warming, which they see as some sort of lunny left wing plot.

And lest you think the sorts of people who I’m referring too are you’re ex-military sergeant major types with probably a few screwballs loose from shell shock, well no, quite a number of the Tory “swivel eyed loons” are across all generations. A few years ago on the Channel 4 series Shipwrecked one young toff let slip that she thought slavery had been a jolly good idea. Her parents claimed that she was “young and naive”…ya, too young to have learnt not to air such views within earshot of a load of plebs! Had she said such things at her local country club many would have agreed with her.

In short, there is a certain class of Tory and UKIP supporters whose views would not be out of place in the 1930’s. There is a desperate need for the Tories to confront these views if they want a modern party, rather than the caveman troglodytes of the past. However, perhaps fearing of being labelled a faux Tory or conservative lightweight (otherwise known as Tony Blair ;D) many in the Tory party are still holding back from challenging these views.


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