How the 1% do Disney

I happened upon this story over the week, although my initial source was RT (Russia Today who are developing a reputation for journalistic honesty that the Sun or Daily Mail would be proud of….indeed they’re sort of becoming a 21st century version of “Pravda”) but it seems the story was originally broken by the New York Post, so it appears to be genuine.

Anyway the story goes that a particular tour company in Florida is hiring out disabled people to escort rich tourists around Disney world Florida for thousands of dollars a day. Disney world is known as “the magic kingdom” however it should perhaps be known as “the queuing kingdom” due to the massive lines that build up at popular rides (with waits of several hours in some cases, indeed most of a day at Disney world will be spent queuing rather than anything else). And after almost getting in a fight with someone in the US national archives I can report that the Yanks don’t know how to queue like brits (indeed I’m wondering with all the guns in the country why there isn’t more violence!), hence the value of jumping the queue.

But by showing up with a disabled person in tow (as it is alleged a number of wealthy Americans are) you can skip the queues and better still get carted around the place on a golf cart rather than having to walk. Hiring out the disabled person guide will set you back several thousand pounds and the company hiring them (dream tours Florida) out will not let any old pleb hire them out, no you need a reference from a previous customer. Apparently the phone number for this tour is being passed around the tennis clubs of rich affluent NY parents, so that their sniffling little brats can get a tour of Disney without having to rub shoulders with the great unwashed.

Apparently Disney are now aware of the problem and hopping mad about it….although that’s probably more because they offer a sort of expensive VIP service that allow the better off into faster moving lines, which this practice is obviously undercutting. They have promised to take action…no doubt by sending Tom and Jerry around to drop a 100 Ton Acme Anvil onto the head of the person behind this scam :))

Am I surprised or shocked by this? No. It’s unfortunately true that the indoctrination of being a toff starts quite early on. It is inevitably the attitude of “the 1%” that any problem or issue that affects us mere mortals (you know like all those pesky little “laws” the government imposes on us plebs like not stealing, etc.) they will try and find a way around them, as the laws, like taxes are only there for the little people to worry about….and I ain’t talking about the seven dwarfs!


2 thoughts on “How the 1% do Disney

  1. That story sounds very dubious to me. I’ve been to Disneyland in California and the queues are very well structured: they wind round and round railings. Jumping in front is not feasible…unless you have money in which case you can pay more and go into the “priority” queue. Rich people just have to pay for the priority queue, they don’t need to hire a disabled person.


    • The NY Post story says that there’s a separate side entrance to many rides for disabled access and one assumes fire and emergency exits.

      As I suggest at the start, given that I first heard about the story via RT, I’m a tad dubious myself about it. But Disney (according to CNN) seem to be taking the claims seriously.


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