America and Guns

Speaking of Guardian articles, I came across another from the Observer by Micheal Cohen contrasts the reaction of Americans to the Boston bombing to the everyday carnage inflicted on the US by its lax gun laws. Consider that over the course of the man hunt for these two teenage amateur wannabe jihadi’s there were numerous gun deaths, including at least one multiple murder suicide shooting, and including more than a few in Boston itself. Was the city put in “lock down” over this? No! Did they call out the national guard, of course not!

On average about over a 1,000 die a month in America due to gun violence, with countless others injured, far more than have been killed in Terrorist attacks since 9/11. Indeed even the death toll from 9/11 was easily eclipsed by the average quarterly gun death rate in the US. The US spend hundreds of Billions on security, tore up civil liberties, put themselves massively in debt with two and a bit wars (one of the longest overseas combat deployments in US military history) over the murder of as many people as they loose to gun deaths in a few months! To call such behaviour irrational if not down right crazy is something of an understatement.

Yet Americans do not seem to get it. They want to keep their gun under the bed, even though the lax guns laws just make it easier for criminals (or indeed terrorists such as the two Boston Marathon suspects) to acquire such hardware, and you’re merely increasing the chances of that gun being used against a family member, either by accident or as a result of a suicide.

And of course this dualism clearly suggests to America’s enemies in the world where lies the countries Achilles heel. If I was Kim Jung-un I won’t waste time trying to develop nuclear weapons or long range rockets. A far more effective means of getting his way against the Americans would be to get a few agents to infiltrate the US, go to a gun show (where they can purchase weapons without any background check or awkward questions and “tool up“, then upon their orders coming through they launch a few “terrorists” attacks. Indeed, they won’t even need to do much other than let it be known they had a vast arsenal of weapons (via You-tube) and then sit back while the authorities “locked down” a few cities (crippling the US economy) and basically run around in a complete tizzy.

Predictably the response from our those friendly NRA folks is to claim that oh, most people handle guns safely and should we all be punished because a few go on a killing spree. Indeed one commenter to the above article blamed these gun deaths on “inner city folks”. For those of you who don’t speak red neck “inner city folks” is code word for black people as using the “N” word on Guardian blogs tends to get you thrown off.

Where’s Waalid

And speaking of racists, in the aftermath of the Boston bombings a number of amateur sleuths began crawling the internet looking for photographs to try and identify the bombers, notably on Reddit (a common hangout of libertarians and tea party types). However this quickly descended into what New Statesman referred to as a “racist game of Where’s Wally” or as Charlie Brooker put it “where’s Waalid”. Of course predictably they tended to focus on anyone who looked vaguely Asian, often posting photographs with someone circled with the words “brown”, “backpack”. It was just as well Grizzly Adams didn’t take Gentle Ben and Teddy (from that Seth Mc Farlane film) for a walk in the park or they’d have all been killed by snipers on sight. However in the mean time they caused great distress, particularly when they fingered one particular guy, who had run away from home and has since rather unfortunately turned up dead, likely due to a suicide.

Of course the thought that the killers might be white (not all Muslims are Asian and of course America has plenty of home grown terrorists, notably amoung the white supremacists groups) never occurred to them.


3 thoughts on “America and Guns

  1. The lockdown was I assume because someone presumed to want to kill as many people as possible was at large.
    It’s easy to criticise American gun culture from over here – If you or I lived in parts of the U.S we may feel safer with a loaded gun under the bed or locked in a safe, just in case.
    Unfortunately guns, like nuclear weapons, can’t be disinvented.
    But I agree, there’s an element of double-standards, and the weird virtual worship of guns ingrained into the American psyche since ‘wild west’ days has a lot to answer for. I would not want to live in the U.S, even if I were very rich.
    Of course there’ve been white American terrorists, and no doubt will be again, although the great majority of terrorism (not including the state-sponsored variety) is perpetrated by those identifying themselves as Muslims.
    btw to ‘lose’, i.e mislay something only has one o in it ;
    If someone ‘loses’ weight, their trousers will feel more ‘loose’!
    Don’t be offended, it’s a common mistake, easily made.


  2. I pointed out in a prior post that countries, like the UK, with strict gun laws tend to have less murders and less gun related deaths. There are countries, such as Finland, Canada and Switzerland with high gun ownership and relatively few gun deaths (compared to the US, tho they’re still higher than the UK). But clearly the US isn’t one of these. They have, as I put it before, a gun problem and pretending otherwise isn’t going to make it go away.

    Also, the NRA like to blur the lines between “regulation” and “freedom”. What most anti-gun campaigners are calling for is a ban on assault weapons (something which a hunter or a householder guarding his home doesn’t need), better background checks and closing a number of absurd loop holes. Such as those that allow a BBC journalists to legally buy an assault rifle a few weeks back, with no background checks of any kind.

    And of course its just as a matter of time before these wannabe Jihadi’s realise that America’s lax gun controls can be exploited by any would be terrorists…indeed the two main sources of the IRA’s arsenal are believed to have been Gaddafi and gun’s purchased (often legally!) in the US and smuggled across the Atlantic.


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