And speaking of Argie’s…..

Of course another little news story this week was the referendum in the Falklands on the case of British sovereignty. It will come as a surprise to few that the result was 99.8% in favour of staying part of the UK….which leads me to wonder who were the 0.2% (apparently all of 3 votes) who voted against.

In an unrelated story MI5 (not 9 till 5…more like 10 till 3:30 ) have “credible intelligence” that there are three Argie spies on the Falklands :))

Although again, as I’ve discussed before the Falklands are a bunch of small wind sweep, midge infested bogs in the South Atlantic, inhabited by a bunch of quaint weirdoes more Barmy British than Boris Johnson, who have this strange thing for Penguins… and Maggie Thatcher! I do not know why it even gets so much attention.

While I think the Islanders rights should be respected, consider that I’d say the same thing about the loon’s lining up at speakers corner on an idle Saturday.


One thought on “And speaking of Argie’s…..

  1. Realistic diary entries and recollections from Argentine soldiers who liberated the Malvinas (ha ha)in 1982 describe it as a cold, bleak hostile place none of them would ever care to visit again.


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