Supermarkets? They’re all a load of knackers!

Of course those big price discounts for CD’s Tesco’s produce are not necessarily a good thing. As I described in a previous post (here) the bargaining power of the supermarkets often leads them to make unreasonable demands of suppliers. Supermarket suppliers can often find themselves squeezed to the point where its next to impossible to make money out of the contract, but they need to keep selling to the supermarket as nobody else can support that volume of business.

Naturally this leads to some companies cutting corners and that seems to have resulted in some horse meat, nearly a third in the case of some Own-brand Tesco burgers, winding up in some meat products…..I assume they’ll be rebranded “Knacker burgers” pretty soon! 😀

My response to this is, we’ll what do you expect for a burger that costs a couple of pence? As the Beeb point out (based on FSA data, a “value” beef burger can contain barely 50% beef, the rest “filler” which is basically all kinds of other crap they have lying around the factory.

Now while I’d admit to using supermarkets from time to time. I can be mega busy sometime and inevitably I wind up treating eating as just a quick task to get out of the way (and thus will just grab something quickly, even a pot-noodle! :oops:). But I purposely avoid buying certain produce in supermarkets (unless I’m stuck) notably dairy, meat and fresh fruit & veg. While this is often part of a conscious effort to support local shops, its also about me recognising that I want to know what’s being put into my food and I know what goes on with those who supply supermarkets.

Sometimes, a bargain isn’t quite the bargain it looks like!


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