One use I can think of for the Sun or Daily Mail

I was up North for the weekend availing of the “excellent weather” to do a bit of winter mountaineering in the highlands. Inevitably this led to me coming home with wet boots and an urgent need to dry them out. How best do you dry walking boots? Stuff them with newspaper and leave them somewhere warm and dry I find (not on top of a radiator tho!) works well.

But I had no newspaper handy….so I went to the shop and bought some. Its the only time recently I’ve bought the Sun newspaper. Of course I later realised that the Daily Mail represents better value for money as it has more pages, even though its 5p more expensive.

So if the editors of the Sun or Daily Fail are looking for ways of increasing my custom my advice would be stop making stuff up about the EU, or Immigrants, etc. and just print you’re rag on more absorbant sheets of newspaper :))


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