Much ado about Pleb’s

Plebgate is starting to take on elements of the Shakespeare play “Much ado about Nothing”. During this play Borachio (or is it Conrade? been a while since I’ve read or seen it) at one point calls Dogberry “a Knave” (or was it an ass?). Throughout the play, Dogberry continually refers back to this incident “and in addition sir, I believe he may have called me a Knave”.

Similarly, as I commented at the time, Andrew Mitchell used many expletives and four letter words (that would get most of the rest of us arrested) at the police and generally acted like a pompous upper class twit, but it is this Dogberryesque slight that has had the cops going “….and we think sir….. he may have called me a pleb”.


One thought on “Much ado about Pleb’s

  1. It’s getting boring. And no, no one should arrogantly and nastily verbally abuse people who are just doing their jobs, as Mitchell did, and for such a trivial reason.
    However, any of us who fear any manifestations of a ‘police state’, whatever our politics are, should I think find it concerning if there was a police-organised plot to bring down a government minister, through distortions and lies – As it seems that there may have been.


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