Apocalypse naught

I’d hoped to do this post before today, but ran out of time with my Christmas prep’s. Of course unsurprisingly the Mayan long count calendar ran down to its last second….and nothing happened! But how could anyone expect anything to happen?

I was out at the time of the “roll over”. Although it did offer me the opportunity to say to the guy in the coffee shop “don’t take to the end of the world now” and “here’s a fiver, you’ve got ten minutes to spend it” :))

The Mayans were an advanced civilisation for their day, but there is no way (outside a lot of wishy washy new age BS) that this would provide them with the means to predict the future. Indeed modern Mayans (there are a good 7 million of them) claim that far from the end of the world, today was merely the changing of one era to another (equivalent to the Mayan millennium).

However, I’d propose a more obvious explanation – the ancient Mayans high priests screwed up! They were attempting to devise a calendar that aligned their believe system with the realities of time, the seasons and the internal politics of empire (e.g. the King says he wants a festival around a certain date close to his birth day, they need to fix the calendar to allow that and link it in with some religious context to justify that). What would happen thousands of years from then, long after they were all dead and buried probably never even occurred to them. No more than it is possible that Mark (who wrote the first gospels of Jesus) probably didn’t believe he was writing history (rather than just some allegorical tale).

If there’s one thing to learn from this incident, it is the danger of relying on dubious claims from ancient runes. As the saying goes, talking to god is called “faith”….but when god answers back, its called “paranoid schizophrenia!” :>>

Similarly if there is god and he was to leave the secret of salvation with someone, would he choose to leave it with some dodgy geezer who ties you up to an e-meter and charges a couple a grand for the privilege? Even people of faith need to adopt a healthy level of skepticism.


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