An ode to Patrick Moore

Sunday saw the death of Patrick Moore, infamous to many in the UK as the presenter of the long running show “the Sky at night”.

the strength of Patrick Moore was his ability to connect the fascinating (but complex) world of astrophysics and cosmology (the sort of stuff that has Stephen Hawking scratching his head over) down to the level where the man in the street can understand it. He helped many to understand that there is a vast universe out there and probably was responsible for convincing many a young lad to go off and study physics and astronomy.

Of course this could be a double tragedy of sorts. One of those questions, Patrick Moore was always asking was “are we alone in this universe?”. Rumours are swirling that NASA might be on the verge of giving us an answer to this question, possibly as a result of data from their latest Mars rover, within a few days (they have I should note, neither confirmed nor denied these rumours). What a pity he couldn’t have hung on for a little while longer.


One thought on “An ode to Patrick Moore

  1. Interestingly Patrick Moore used to state as a fact that we are alone in the universe, then changed his mind, and hinted that he knew of information that he couldn’t reveal.
    His girlfriend was killed in a WW2 bombing raid, and he never married, as he considered her irreplacable.
    (I presume you used the word infamous in an ironic sense.)


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