Jim certainly did fix it for the Beeb

One cannot of course ignore the whole Jimmy Saville madness. I have this vision of a young James Murdoch (who just got re-appointed to the BSkyB board) writing to Jimmy Saville asking if he could fix it for him to rob the Beeb of the moral high ground just when his father’s empire was on the ropes. In many respects he succeeded.

Not that this gets the Beeb board of gov’s off the hook or nothin! But clearly the tabloids are going wall to wall on the Saville scandal for a very good reason, the more they talk about him and how bad the BBC was, the less they have to consider their own awful failings on phone hacking…or indeed why they didn’t break the story on Saville themselves!


4 thoughts on “Jim certainly did fix it for the Beeb

    • Beeb and Times cover it yes, no surprise many beeb journo’s furious they couldn’t report this earlier, however the tabloids are clearly exploiting the situation. The re-appointment of James Murdoch to the BSkyB board would be Front page but was clearly knocked off it by JS


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