The Tory cuts in action, as seen on TV

I caught the back end of a programme on BBC the other day “the year the town hall shrank”, which examined the effects of the Tory cuts on Stoke on Trend. Now while the Tory’s like to talk with glee about “taking away benefits” they have this stereotyped view that everyone on benefits is under twenty, dresses in a tracksuit and drinks buckfast all day rather than working.

However, the reality is that the bulk of people on benefits are there for a reason, i.e. because they are elderly or infirm, have a disability or are otherwise disadvantaged and need help and care. Old grannies being chucked out of care homes I suspect doesn’t quite fit with what you read in the Daily Mail or Telegraph. But this is the stark reality of the Tory cuts, that they are creating hardship for those in society most vulnerable.

Then there was the issue of day care centre’s for kids. While I have no kids and one could argue I should be against council spending on them, unlike the Tories I recognize that they help keep the wee’ins out from under parents feet, allowing said parents to go to work, earn a wage and pay taxes. By cutting such centre’s, you force said parents into unemployment. Again hardly fits in with the rhetoric you hear from Tory’s.

I have long accused the Tory‘s and their lib dem allies of being completely out of touch with the real world, and this programme merely crystallises that fact. Yes, some councils over stretched themselves in the good times, but I challenge any supporter of the Tory’s to morally justify these cuts.


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