Conference Wars

The governing parties are starting to resemble a warring couple, who are using the media as an intermediary. Earlier this month the lib dems said “tell that bastard that we’re bringing in a Mansion tax and there will be no more welfare cuts”. But the Tory’s responding by saying “you can tell that bitch where she can stick that mansion tax…and we’re taking the bread out of the mouths of the poor and she can sod off if she doesn’t like it”.

Now if the government was a married couple we’d be expecting divorce lawyers in the door of No. 10 soon…or Cameron getting back from Birmingham to find half the furniture gone (or cut in half) and the heating turned off.

Of course its important to remember that party conferences are intended for the purpose of rallying the core party supporters. Its sort of like those “death to America” speeches the Iranian or Venezuelan presidents will make….then ring the yanks and ask them when they want the next oil delivery!

And the problem for the Tory’s and Lib dems is that while Cameron and Clegg might be bosom pals, the core supporters of both of their parties regard the other party as public enemy number one. If Clegg showed up at his conference and tried to imply that Cameron wasn’t that bad a bloke, he’d be promptly set upon and handbagged to death by a group of women’s lib supporters. Equally if Cameron went to Bromie hand in hand with Osborne and told his ex-Bullingdon chum’s that he was contemplating bringing in same sex marriage because “Cleggy” thought it would be a smashing idea, the toff’s would release the hounds, break out the blunderbuss’s and chase him back across the field to London.

Thus much of what has been said over the last two weeks can probably be ignored as just rhetoric and propaganda. It will thus be business as usual as of tomorrow. Also, as far as the Lib dem’s promises, I suspect that the devil’s in the detail. The Tories may well allow for some faux tax that will be badly written and easy for their chums to find ways around paying, and in return they get to impose yet further cuts in public spending. Unless the proposal is properly budgeted (I suspect a new tax that raises maybe a few hundred million, against a £10 billion welfare cut) then anything Nick says isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.

Of course, if I’m wrong, and its true that the two party leaders meant what they said, then we are looking at what divorce courts call “unreconcilable differences” and I suspect we’ll have an election sometime after Christmas.


4 thoughts on “Conference Wars

  1. Yeah, surely only the party faithful pay any attention to the pompous drivel spouted at these conferences.
    When you look across the political divide at the moment, it’s all a bit of a mess really, isn’t it?


  2. Funny and spot on analogy. I reckon if the Govt. was a a married couple, the Tories would be up for wife beating. Still can’t work it out, who the hell voted for a party that historically have always reduced people’s standard of living?


    • “who the hell voted for a party that historically have always reduced people’s standard of living?”

      Well 10,703,654 people did (according to wikipedia). How can that many people be so dumb I suppose.

      Then again, many yanks are about to vote Republican on the basis of “deficit reduction”. They seem to forget that the highest deficit’s have always been run up by Republican adm. And the only US president of recent years to present a balance budget? Bill Clinton! Go figure!


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