Miliband electable?

And if things weren’t bad enough for the Tory’s there’s the small matter of the fact that Ed “I still can’t believe he’s not his brother” Miliband is actually starting to look vaguely electable and Ed “just obeying Gordon Brown’s orders” Balls is starting to look loyal.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not some labour party lackey (or is it supposed to be now “new improved labour party” with 25% less saturated Blair and 50% less dour tight Gordon). I’m still convinced Ed Miliband going for the leadership was all part of some elaborate chess game he and his brother were playing against Ed Balls, one which backfired when the wrong Milband won. For the first 6 months he had this odd look on his face which suggested he was somewhat surprised to be in this position. And if he brings up coming from a London comprehensive again, I’m going to punch out the TV.

But he is, as I’ve noted, starting to look vaguely competent compared to the Tory’s or Nick Clegg. Or perhaps I should say he’s now “the best of a bad lot”.

2 thoughts on “Miliband electable?

  1. Unlike his brother, EM publicly opposed the invasion of Iraq on the pretext of Blair’s lies about WMD’s.
    DM may be more charismatic, but do we really want a Blair clone, who unquestioningly does and says whatever the U.S government tell him to ?
    It’s very likely that Ed will remain leader until at least after the 2015 election, so I think it makes sense for those who’d prefer a Labour government to a Conservative one to support him, rather than finding fault with him, and unfavourably comparing him to his brother.


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