Heathrow’ 3rd runway, change the record!

When will the supporters of a Heathrow third runway give it a break? Is Cameron, to quote one Tory “a man or mouse?”……ah….no! He’s just not a spokes-model for British Airways!

The UK, as I’ve previously mentioned does not need more airport capacity in and around London. While other parts of the country, notably the Midlands, might perhaps need such capacity in the future. However, I would argue in favour of high speed rail as an alternative, as this would reduce the need for commuter flights into Heathrow, thus freeing up landing slots.

Even if we were to believe that there is a need for further capacity in the South East, Heathrow is last place you’d build it. Its in the wrong place! And as I mentioned in my prior post a significant portion of Heathrow is given over to air cargo (I don’t think the parcels care where they fly into or out of the UK!). It would make far more sense to rationalise the capacity of the South East’s airports (i.e. move all that cargo as well as commuter flights to other airports, rely on trains rather than commuter flights to get people to the airport). If indeed another runway in the region is needed, it would make far more sense to build it at Gatwick, which is surrounded by green fields rather than Heathrow (surrounded by houses).

Building a new airport in the Thames estuary (on an Island big enough to accommodate Boris Johnson’s ego) as is also proposed, would be crazy idea and a complete waste of public money at a time when the government is supposed to be cutting back (if they can afford to blow £40 billion on an airport, they can afford to spend £20 billion reversing spending cuts to the NHS).


5 thoughts on “Heathrow’ 3rd runway, change the record!

    • I’d delete this, but thought instead I’ll wreck you’re advert. The quickest way into London from Heathrow is via the Heathrow express, which is quicker than a cab and much cheaper. The London underground stretches out to Heathrow and stops at all terminals and is certainly the cheapest option of all, tho it takes awhile. Local buses go into nearby towns with stops outside the terminal buildings (useful if you need to run in and use a bank as inexplicably there are no bank branches in Heathrow airport). NE and “easybus” also runs bus connections to Heathrow via other South East airports and many Southern UK towns, as do other companies.

      In short you’d be a fool to get a cab to/from Heathrow anywhere.


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