Really organised crime, H-Boss the world’s local money launder

In the last few months we’ve all been accusing the bankers of this and that and being little more than a champagne and sherry swilling mafia clan in pinstripe suits. Well today those claims were proven to being a little truer that we thought. HSBC was accused of aiding the Mexican drug cartels in laundering money, as well as helping out terrorists with their funding.

In some respects its not really surprising, as I mentioned in a previous post, the narcotics trade is one of the world’s largest and most profitable businesses. Given how greedy we all know bankers are, not to mention the fact that they happen to be a significant consumer of “Colombian white” themselves, its perhaps no surprise that the banks have been involved in this trade. I mean if they’re prepared to screw over the whole global economy just to make a few bucks, why won’t they work for the drug cartels?

I’m wonder if they’re going to put that in those adds of there’s they do (you know the “world’s local bank” ones). They could do one where a knife wielding Mexican gangster (I’m thinking of that Machete character in the Tarantino films) meets with some mustached Colombian in dark glasses called Raul and they visit a H-Boss to transfer the cash (with the lady behind the counter even taking it in the back and dry cleaning the blood stains out of it while providing a calibrated weight scales for the coke).

Jokes aside, what’s the bet that they’ll still be looking for the bonus cheques?

Although I would note that if these allegation’s prove true, then the bankers may have bitten off more than they can chew. Gangsters tend to prefer to settle matters “out of court” if you know what I mean. For them the choice between “whacking” a few bankers and doing twenty years to life isn’t a choice at all….especially given they know how unpopular bankers are and how they have a good chance of a jury (bitterly remembering the last time they got turned down for a mortgage) letting them off if they get caught! So we’ll learn the truth of these allegations not as a result of any parliamentary inquiries, but the rate at which bankers start to just “disappear”….or wake up with a horse’s head in they’re bed!


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