Election Update – Operation Liberal Shield

In the end I didn’t get to vote. Was working late, constantly thinking all day that there was something I was forgetting, until I went past a polling station on my way home (I’d left the polling card at home!) and suddenly remembered there was an election on! Oh, well!

Election results seem to indicate that the Tory’s plan code named Operation Liberal Shield, has worked well, but not as well as the Tory’s wished. The lib dems took a good deal of the flak, although they didn’t quite get wiped out as I expected. A fall of 8% against a 9% drop to the Tory’s isn’t that bad. But hopefully this will still serve to give them the kick needed to grow a spine and start acting like a coalition partner, rather than the Tory’s poodle. They really don’t want to go into the next election looking like that, as inevitably they’ll be knocked out of the box. A poll discused here suggests a worst case scenario of just 7 lib dem MP’s.

Of course, inevitably, the Tory’s took some kind of hit. Leading to many of them too argue that they’d lost due to a lack of conservative policy. i.e. that they lost because they conceded too much to the Tory’s rather than because people decided they didn’t want a load of penny pinching toff’s conducting class warfare. Well, like the doctors in the Middle Ages, if a patient administered bleeding got worse, then they’d proscribe more bleeding. If he died, it wasn’t the bleeding that killed him, but that we didn’t bleed him enough!

Labour did better than I expected, so it looks like Ed Miliband might survive a little longer. However, “Red” Ken lost to “Bullingdon” Boriswhat were Londoners thinking? I mean one term of Boris, well it was a good joke, tho it did sort of start to wear thin after the first 4….months! Now he’ll be the face of the UK during the Olympics. And if he becomes electable, what next? PM Boris?…what have you unleashed on us?


3 thoughts on “Election Update – Operation Liberal Shield

  1. It seems that many see Boris more as a ‘character’ rather than as a ‘tory’ !
    He makes them smile so they vote for him.
    And yes, the LD’s are progressively becoming more and more universally hated, by those who accuse them either of inhibiting or of supporting ‘traditional tory’ policies.
    Are you happy with Ed Milliband’s Labour leadership ?


    • My worry with Ed Miliband is that he’s the opposite of Boris, he lacks “character” and therefore I’m not sure if he’s electable as a PM.

      Also, I’m still convinced that him standing in the first place was part of some chess game between the Miliband’s and the other leadership candidates, which backfired when Ed one rather than David.

      Then again, beggars can’t be choosers, labour don’t really have anyone else as a credible alternative (other than Ken Livingstone, & this election just ruled him out).

      Hopefully this election will light a fire under their ass. The danger is, they’ll rest on their laurels and 2 years from now many people will forget about the cuts and vote tory.


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