Calm down dear’s, its just a commercial!

One story this week was an advert broadcast on Argentinean TV this week showing a Argie athlete (Fernando Zylberberg) training for the Olympics by running thro the streets of Port Stanley, working out on a war memorial, etc. There was controversy attached to the tag line “To compete on English soil we train on Argentine soil” leading to much criticism from various sources, even the IOC (who generally don’t like people bringing politics and military disputes into the Olympic’s, they’ve thrown athletes out before for such carry on).

My response to brit’s is, in the word’s of Micheal Whiner calm down dear’s its just a commercial! If Miss de Kirchner and her supporters wants to go have a fantasy ego trip, then let the baby have its bottle. She’s merely trying to yank you’re chain, and the Tory’s are falling for it.

Similarly, the Argentinians need to how this make you look to neutrals. I mean I’ve met Argentinian’s before. they seemed like nice sensible intelligent people… until you mention the word “Falklands” and they start screaming “THE MALVINAS!!” and generally start acting like a complete foaming at the mouth loon. (interesting point, my spell checker refuses to accept the word “Malvinas”…MI6 at work no doubt!)

As I discussed before, there is a need for a bit of rational pragmatism from both sides here.


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