Garth Williams – who donnit!

For sometime, I’ve been keeping an idea on this story of the late GCHQ agent Garth Williams, who was found dead in his flat in a hold-all bag (the news announced on a busy news day as I seem to remember). Now call me a conspiracy theorist, but it seems pretty obvious to me what happened to him….

Firstly, all this time wasting about whether he got into the bag himself. I don’t know about you, but the urge to crawl into a hold all and padlock myself inside, leaving the keys on the outside has never really struck me! Its pretty obvious that he was put in there unconscious or dead. They very fact the inquiry has wasted so much time answering such a bleeding obvious question is more a matter of them, and the police, trying to find a way to cover the matter up and get out of having to reach the obvious conclusion – that he was murdered!

Because obviously if he was murdered, then this raises the question of who did the murdering and that raises some uncomfortable possibilities. A back alley criminal? Would not go to such elaborate measures to contain the body, he’d kill him and leave him where he fell, or if he had the motivation to hide the body, send it to the bottom of the Thames with a pair of concrete shoes.

What about a foreign intelligence agency? As he worked in intelligence, it is a plausible scenario. But again, they’ve have either covered their tracks immaculately (again, sent him to the bottom of the Thames) or simply not be arsed! After all, they’ve diplomatic immunity! (remember the Umbrella murder on Waterloo bridge, or the Litvinenko poisoning). The only people who have the motive to go to such lengths to ensure the recovery of the body are either the CIA or Garth’s employers. As in both these cases a missing employee would be a pain in the neck, they’d have to go looking for him (which would cost lots of money and chew up resources), pay him (as they couldn’t prove he was really dead) and generally have to take an earful from Parliament select committee looking for an update on “progress”. Ultimately, in the absence of a body there would have to be some sort of inquest or inquiry about the matter.

Now let us consider how his employers, GCHQ and MI6 reacted to his disappearance. Despite missing a crucial meeting the day he vanished, they waited a good week before contacting plod…..Seriously! Do MI6 agents, with access to state secrets regularly disappear for a week and nobody thinks it odd?

We once had a woman disappear for a while at work (she turned up okay, just forgot to tell someone she was going away for a few days). Now we all assumed she’d just gone home for Chinese new year, as she usually did. But as she had forgotten to tell anyone, sure enough, after a day or two, the cops were called. While they agreed it was likely a false alarm, but they still treated it as a missing persons investigation until they found her. And the only sensitive data she had access too were student marks and the code to the photocopier! Quite simply, I find it baffling that GCHQ would take this long to call in the cops, and that the cops would be so laid back about the investigation.

So in short, I’m going to skip the question of who dunnit (pretty obvious really) and ask why? Was he a double agent with a foreign intelligence agency? Did he get some dirt on the Murdoch’s or Cameron? Was he in cahoots with the Wikileaks guys? As they say in the X-files the truth is out there…..but nobody cares!

Update: 04/05/2012 – Of course since then the report has been released by the Coroner who somehow manages to conclude that his death was “unlawful” but not murder ?!?

In part this seems to be due to a lack of forensics evidence….which to me indicates that someone who knew what they were doing swept the house clean beforehand…are were to believe that he swept the house clear of finger prints, then locked himself in the bag?…after turning the heating on in mid-summer!

They find a load of women’s clothes in the flat and plod immediately decide he must be a cross dresser…my first thought was that he probably had a girlfriend living in the flat…who needless to say might know something, why didn’t they immediately start looking for her? … was it because they already knew she was on her way back to Russia/at the bottom of the channel?…

Indeed the coroner spoke of the fact that these cross dressing and other lurid stories circulated in the media indicated that “some third party is attempting to undermine the investigation”…ya, they’re called MI6!

There are so many unanswered questions here. Inevitably, the conspiracy theory brigade will have a enough material here to keep them busy for years!


6 thoughts on “Garth Williams – who donnit!

  1. Hmmm, his former landlady stated that one night she and her husband heard him crying for help and found him bondaged to his bed – His explanation being that he was practising escapology – But she suspected a sexual motive …
    However, as in the death of Dr David Kelly there’s been an obvious cover-up, and it seems destined to remain a most puzzling case, which we’re most unlikely to ever know the full truth of.


    • Actually, all this “kinky sex” stuff is standard MI6 smear tactics, they use it all the time to discredit a critic.

      “unlikely to ever know the full truth…”

      Ya like the David Kelly case, Lockerbie, Jill Dando, Murdoch/phone hacking, Kennedy (both of em!)….

      In fact why don’t we just have a statute of limitations, after thirty years we forgive the spooks for all their misdeeds, but they have to come clean and tell us what they got up to!


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