Is Jeremy Hunt’s being a bit of a c….t?

The Minister for Murdoch ass kissing Jeremy Hunt (course they reckon he should be called something else on the Today programme!) had his true job description exposed. Of all things, this came from the Murdoch’s themselves, obviously keen to deflect some of the flak for this whole crisis onto the Tory’s.

There have been numerous corrupt links between Murdoch and many politicians going back decades. But its obvious that the links between the Cameron adm. and the Murdoch’s was close. He, Hunt and Osborne regularly attended Chipping Norton knee’s up’s with the Murdoch’s or “sideshow” Brooks. Indeed, Cameron even got a ride out of her (on her ex-police horse!). Hunt himself may well have hammered out the deal that won the Tory’s the support of the Murdoch press in advance of the last election. And its worth remembering how crucial that support was, notably the “kill Clegg” meeting between the heads of the Daily Telegraph and James Murdoch. Also don’t forget James Murdoch’s confrontation with the editor of the Independent in the middle of the election campaign. Deny it all he likes but Rupert is, unlike his papers, crap at lying. I’ve no doubt, as with last time, the flaws in both his and his spawn’s testimony will be exposed in the coming weeks. Except this time he will have lied under oath.

But back to Jeremy “kiss-ass” Hunt. It was, as I commented, awfully convenient Vince Cable being taken off the decision on B-SKY-B. And “by happy coincidence” it ending up with Hunt! This is simply too much of a coincidence. And naturally, as it was Cameron who made the decision to strip Vince Cable of the deal decision, he had to be in on it. It is indeed fortunate for Cameron that he heeded hard-line Tory pressure to force Vince Cable’s resignation, not doubt because he knew it was a setup (a setup I commented bore an ery similarity to smear attempts aimed at other members of the committee that questioned the Murdoch’s, notably Louise Mensch).

Of course had Cameron actually been so foolish, its likely we’d now be looking like Vince Cable (the ex-minister) had become a beacon for dissatisfied Lib Dems, who would as of Tuesday crossed the floor and voted the coalition out of office. I would consequently be instead discussing in this blog whether Osborne had enough time before the general election to recover from and become an effective leader of his party.

Either way, the reason why Hunt hasn’t been fired yet (incidentally Jeremy a PM consistently telling you that he has confidence in you means you’re goose is cooked) is because Cameron is using him as a meat shield. Image this scene from Total Recall, with Cameron as Arnie and Jeremy as “the unfortunate”.

Either way, this scandal is far from over. It so easily could have brought down the government and it still could.


One thought on “Is Jeremy Hunt’s being a bit of a c….t?

  1. I can’t see it bringing down our government, and of course Bliar was close to the Murdoch empire too.
    It would take something exceptionally sensational to bring down a British government, especially since the LibDems slyly pushed through their ‘5 year fixed term’ legislation.
    However when the notw closed last summer Mrs Brooks said that in a years time people would understand why it had to close, and what with the points you make it’s not impossible to envisage a ‘government shattering’ scenario.
    Interesting times !?


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