Qatada Syndrome

Teresa May, the Tory Home Secretary, appears to have come down with serious illness :oops:, one that affected her predecessor also, its called “Qatada Syndrome”. Symptoms include, raising of voice, much bluster, irrational behaviour, paranoia and obsession about a particularly Jordanian bigot. In more serious cases this condition can lead to ridicule in parliament, loss of credibility and ultimately resignation.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to be an apologist for Qatada. Quite frankly, as I see it, by relying on the European Court of Human rights he completely makes a mockery of his own theology. If his extreme version of Islamic law applied to the UK, there would be no human rights, no lawyers, no right of appeal and the case would be decided on the first day with sentence carried out immediately afterwards with the aid of a scimitar. If there’s there anything we need to change about the European courts its inserting a clause that anyone using it has to agree that they accept the benefits of universal human rights (which would immediately put Qatada, or Brevik in a bit of a pickle).

But how dangerous is he really? Is the government seriously suggesting that if he’s released or allowed to stay in the country he’s going to start building bombs or something. He’s the most watched person in the country! If he so much as says hello to somebody who is remotely thinking of becoming a jihadi, or starting humming “bada bomb ba bomb…” the flying squad will be all over him quicker than you can say “you’re nicked sunshine”. Then he’ll be banged up for a few decades…probably banged more than one way once plod arrange for this 6ft 6 guy called Bubba to become Qatada’s bunk mate :>>. Indeed, the fact that he’s been here for well over a decade and not been caught doing anything suggests to me that he, like Bush, is a chicken hawk. He can talk the Jihadi talk, but is too chickshit scared to walk the jihadi walk.

But if we release him on bail, he’ll abscond, say the government. Wha? You reckon that a bearded sandal wearing Muslim in traditional Arab dress, one of the most photographed people in the country right now, his face on multiple tabloid front pages, with a wife in a Burka in tow (and 15 special branch officers shadowing him) could slip through border security unnoticed. Now I know the UK border agency are having problems these days, but I think Teresa May seems to have a very low opinion of her own people if they think they could fail to spot him, unless she knows something we don’t! And where’s he going to go? France? No burka’s allowed there! A Muslim country? You’re joking right! He’s trying to avoid deportation to a Muslim country. After all perish the thought of him having to live under Islamic law!

So my advice, is to simply let nature take its course. Either he’ll get deported eventually, a lot of the usual legal BS not withstanding, or he’ll remain in the country under watch, or he’ll screw up and get himself arrested. Either way, the best thing that politicians like Teresa May can do, is stay out of it and let events just take their course.


2 thoughts on “Qatada Syndrome

  1. As I understand it Quatada isn’t a terrorist as such, but is keen to encourage others to plot mass murder.
    In the Ch4 programme on now about the failed liquid bomb plot of 2006 it was said that it takes a surveillance team of 7 or 8 to surveil one person, but I guess that keeping Quatada under house arrest for 23 hours a day isn’t too expensive !


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