May Elections

Well we have elections coming up shortly, local ones anyway. Course typically, having gone to the trouble of registering to vote, I’m stuck as to who to vote for.

The Tories, aka the nasty party? The party of toff’s and rich donors? The party of the Pasty Tax, that was so out of touch that I’ve a suspicion that David Cameron was baffled when his staff told him no, they don’t come in smoked salmon or caviar flavour. While Osborne came across like a modern day Mr Bumble “WHAT you your pasties heated BOY!”. Besides, I’m Irish and I doubt they’d let me back in the country if I ever voted Tory.

Labour?….normally I’d be inclined, but to be honest they look a bit incompetent. Ed Miliband always looks like he’s still surprised to have won, and Ed Balls seems to think he’s in charge. I’m still wondering if Ed only stood as part of some chess game him and his brother were playing with the other candidates, which then backfired when the wrong Miliband won. Again they didn’t fare much better from Pastie-gate as their visit to that Greggs just made them look equally out of touch. Am I not voting for labour because I fear that they are controlled by the unions? (as Tories will often argue). No, the problem with labour is that nobody’s in charge. They are a rudderless ship. The lights are on, but no ones home….
….now if Miliband got Balls in a headlock or something, then I might be persuaded :>>.

Lib Dems? Nick Clegg and Vince Cable are forever coming across as a pair of Mr Barrowclough‘s from Porridge “oh now David, do you have to put up the student fees, I’m mean please! promise me it will only be for Russell group uni’s…” They don’t seem to understand, part of being in a coalition with the Tories doesn’t mean they bow to every Tory request. Opinion polls would seem to suggest that Operation Liberal Shield (where the Daily Mail blames everything bad the government does on the Lib dems and credits everything good to the Tory’s) is working well. Consequently a good drumming in local elections might scare them straight, so I will purposely not be voting for them. Now, if Nick Clegg were to deck David C at a press conference and start ramming a pastie up his pompous you-know-what, well again, I might change my mind :)).

The Greens?, an obvious choice, but with First-Past-The-Post they have very little chance of winning, so it would be essentially a protest vote.

Respect/Socialists another possibility, tho I have a rule with socialists parties in that I will not vote for them if I see more than one on the same ballot paper. If they are too incompetent,badly organised and riven by infighting and petty backstabbing too sort out who is running in which district, then there’s little point in voting for any of them.

BNP, EDL, UKIP? any of you louts show up at my door canvassing will be subject to a random citizenship tests. Any who fail the test or refuse to take it, and I’ll be entitled to yell “bloody foreigners” and “go home” at them as they retreat.

…but also in Greek

But the UK isn’t the only place having elections, there’s also a general election due in Greece. In case you thought you had a tough choice, spare a thought for the Greeks! And should any politicians in the UK feel unloved, just do a 24hr job swap with a Greek politician, and see if you can hack it.

While the situation has stabilised somewhat, before it looked like the mainstream parties were going to get wiped out. PASOK, the main centre left party, saw their support fall from 45% at the last election to just 8% in February, although they’ve since recovered to 14%. Either way all of the major Greek parties are looking at taking some major losses. One interesting observation, is that the support for the major centre right party “New Democracy” is surprisingly strong at 18%, given that they are the eejits and gobshites (to use the Irish technical terms) who borrowed all of that money and got the country into this mess. I see two possibilities, either the Greeks have short memories, or it might be down to the fact that many in Europe who are planning to vote for a far-right party are often reluctant to tell this to pollsters (out of fear of being whacked over the head with a clip-board) and will often quote some major right-wing party instead (e.g. BNP or EDL guys will say UKIP or Tory). Consequently, it will be interesting to see what support ND actually get.

Either way, it seems unlikely the mainstream parties will get enough support to form a majority. The end result will be some sort of radical left/right coalition or a Rainbow coalition of the Left. Neither will likely be stable for very long, but then again, they should remain stable long enough to give Merkel the two fingered salute and tell her and IMF where they can stick these austerity measures.

So we may see some fireworks alight in Greece, if not in the UK!


One thought on “May Elections

  1. I think with local elections it’s best to vote for whoever seems most accessible, and concerned and willing to help with local issues, regardless of their party loyalties.
    But yes I think that most thinking people feel in differing ways cynical about, if not hostile to virtually all of the party political voting options !


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