The Patriot Tax

I did an article for Green-blog a few days ago, called “the Patriot tax”. This details the fact that the wealthy will have to accept paying much higher taxes in future, if the current deficit crisis is not to become much more serious. This would not only be the essence of patriotism (saving ones country from ruin) but also financially sensible, given that if major nations do get into financial difficulty it will be the rich who will loose the most.

In short it is necessary for certain people to overcome their aversion to paying taxes, particularly wealthy Americans. Casing point, they’re filming a movie here in Glasgow (something about Zombies) which is supposed to be set in Philadelphia, but they’re filming it here for “tax reasons”. They’ve had to transform parts of Glasgow city centre into a US city complete with US style street signs, traffic lights, and vehicles. All shipped over from the US. All this to avoid paying a tiny bit of tax!

Ironically enough, there was another film a few years back set in Scotland, which was mostly filmed in South Africa (ya that looks so much like Scotland). I can’t remember the name of it (Dooms day?), same story thought (man meets girl, girl get her kit off, turns into zombie and eats his brains…usual Hollywood stuff!). Again one of the reasons for moving some of the filming to SA was “tax”.

I don’t know how the IRS collect taxes off of movie studios but I assume it involves the use of a pliers and a blow torch if they’re prepared to go to such extreme measures to avoid paying tax.

Anyway, have a read of the article on Green-blog if you’re interested!


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