The war on light….bulbs

The US Tea party pulled off their first major public victory today. Did the get the deficit stopped? no! Did they prevent the debt ceiling being raised? no! Did they come up with a way that solves US debts without cutting any public spending in any tea party states without raising taxes (achievable by following any rainbow to its end and collecting the pot of gold)? no! They succeeded in getting a Federal ban on incandescent light bulbs reversed….I’m not making that up btw, seriously check it out below:

There logic behind this was that the ban on incandescent bulbs was “an attack on personal freedom”….and shooting people with guns isn’t “an attack on personal freedom”. Or how about the right to die? gay marriage? or abortion? capital punishment? If you think the government regulating light bulbs is a case of the Federal government going too far, then logically you’d have to say that all of the above would also count as excessive use of government power, so I shall be expecting Tea party support for gay marriage and abortion legislation soon….but no! How do you spell hypocrite? Do Tea party birther’s understand the concept of irony?

And what does the lightbulb industry say to this? Well actually they supported the ban, indeed they’ve been trying to phase out the older bulbs for years in line with an agreement with governments.

If I were to start writing a book about a crazy group of people who were convinced that the first black president of America wasn’t an American (and Muslim) and went around with tinfoil hats, supporting a presidential candidate whose core policy was overturning a lightbulb ban (as crazier-than-Palin-or-a-pole-cat Bachmann has done) I’d be accused of writing bad science fiction, as such a thing could never happen. Isn’t truth stranger than fiction.


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