How was your end of the world day?

Anyone hear the one about these “Christians” :crazy:, presumably on break from their hunt for Obama’s birth certificate and Koran burning contests, who thought the world was going to come to an end over the weekend? Some spend hundreds of thousands on advertising it (as if God requires advertising! :DD) and were “disappointed” that the world in fact failed to come to an end Sunday.

Of course, this is hardly the first time a bunch of “Christians” have predicted the world would end. I would note I’m referring to them as “Christians” as I don’t want to insult actual Christians by tarring them with the same brush. I’d recommend a reading of the Book “Grand Theft Jesus” where the author points out that many of these right-wing Christian groups have about as much in common with the Christian message as Rambo has with the Peace Corps.

For starters, anyone whose even casually glanced at the bible would know that the “Rapture” is taken from the Jewish Torah, and hence it’s the Jews who are supposed to be raptured, not the Christians – i.e the followers of the false god who wind up on the raw end of divine wrath afterwards (presumably while we Agonistics, Muslims and Hindu’s watch on with ringside seats to the whole fraca). This bit of the Torah was essentially plagiarized by Christians in the early days of the church as part of a marketing campaign to give people the “hard sell” on this new religion and bring in the punters. Suggesting otherwise, when we know the Jewish Torah predates the bible by a thousands years or more, amounts to a plea of historical ignorance, applicable in 300 AD when most people couldn’t read an burning “heretics” was an acceptable means of dealing with “facts” that contradicted myth, but not applicable today.

You know, if I were god I’d have a bit more fun with these guys. Like at the appointed hour have a booming voice from the heavens ring out…in Arabic ;D! Or sending the angel Gabriel down to visit the Westboro Baptist church…along with his boyfriend Bruno :))!


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