The Queen is coming to town

Another bit of Irish news is that a certain German lady by the name of Betty Sax-Coburg Gotha is coming to visit us next week, thought she likes to be called by her nick name “Queen Elizabeth of Windsor” for some strange reason (most likely not to upset the natives…wonder if she cheers on Germany when the beat England on penalties ;D!). Also a Hawaian born American is coming over in a few weeks. Strangely enough after all the trouble he went through with Trump (who claims to be Scottish…I’d like to see HIS Birth cert and prove that |-|!) over Obama’s birth cert he’s here to check up on his Irish roots. Funny how having African roots reduces you’re votes in some Southern states and causes people their to question his genealogy while having Irish roots has the opposite effect…not that I’m suggesting the Birth-er’s are racist or anything :>>!

Of course the Republicans are kicking up a fuss about the Queen coming over. Don’t ask me to explain it, I assume they just don’t like Germans and have never got over the war and all that :lalala:!

The Queen’s even dropping in on my little home town of Cork (the real capital of Ireland B)), and she’s going to visit the English Market (a large covered market in the centre of cork with lots of stalls selling everything from fair-trade coffee, orgainic veg, to swordfish and several butchers). I’m wondering who dreamt this one up. Save a few new-age travellers you’ll find very few if any English in Cork’s English market. It’s also created a bit of security risk, what with the idea of bringing the Queen through a large room filled with lots of Irish, Polish and Chinese people many of them wielding large knifes ;D. Worst still there’s the risk of one of the hippies giving her a cuppa tae…with a little Dutch special in it (Corgi’s let go of that pink dragon down and fetch one a ten spot!). The scuttlebutt is that staff at the market have been asked to provide their drivers license, passports, fingerprints, shoe imprint, name and address (plus that of relatives living abroad & significant others) and on presumes pets and star signs (a brief security alert was triggered when it turned out one member of staff’s Chihuahua was screwing a Doberman called Osama :DD).

I’m wondering if the Queens going to bring her Husband along “The Duke” :crazy:. As inevitably he’ll put his foot in it at some point, most likely by greeting our Taioseach with “evening Paddy” then giving his coat to Obama and asking the first lady to fetch him a gin and tonic pronto. Seriously thought, if there’s a state banquet could they please put “The Duke” next to “The Baron (Gerry Adams)”. We could clear Ireland’s debts in one fell swoop by selling the TV rights to that!


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