Election update – Fear factor

Still the smearing on AV goes on. The current line from the Tories seems to be that if AV comes through Nick Griffin will become an MP (or something like that! :crazy:).

That would be terrible, the Queen would have to put up with a racist round the palace making un-PC remarks about foreigners while wearing nazi armbands…though you’d think she’s used to that by now wt Harry and the Duke ;D! And least we forget the BNP policy is that all the foreigners should go home…like the Queen (German) and her husband (Greek) :>>? It’s like the whole protestant v’s catholic debate in NI or Glasgow. Should you have one German in Rome as head of the church…or another German in London :))?

The reality is, that the chances of the BNP getting seats in Westminster is still unlikely, even with AV. Remember, you still need to get 50%+ of all the votes in a constituency in order to get elected, and for any minority party that’s still a tall order. While yes, the chances of the BNP getting elected are higher under AV than under FPtP, its certainly not that high.

And also I’d say if a few BNP guys got in, so what? Nobody is going to go into coalition with them, they’d be committing political suicide if they did. It might even have a sliver lining. A few of the closet racists who support them might get scared straight. Also the shelf life of “successful” far right parties in Europe and their leaders is relatively short. The other skin heads get all jealous and try to steal some of his thunder. Already we signs of this with the National Front forming (for anyone who thinks Nick Griffin’s too far to the left!). I would suspect therefore that even if the BNP did win seats, the following election they’d loose them again as the voters for the National Front diluted their support. Then the election after that, they’d both loose out to the “I can’t believe we’re not racist, Party”, and the election after that they’d all loose out to “Old geezers who fought in the war like (least we think we did) and read the Daily Mail that reckon we should bring back hangin and get out of Europe party” (also known as UKIP for short).

Confusingly of course, the BNP seem to be against AV, so now the “Yes” camp are using this to scare people into voting yes. Like I said fear and loathing!

Why is Nick Griffin against AV? probably because, as I’ve pointed out above, he reckon’s it might cost him his job…or maybe because he won’t dare support a policy those pesky Imigrant hugging liberals proposed. Maybe the Lib dems should endorse a policy that all racist are banned from voluntarily walking off cliffs :DD

Also, I have in front of me the candidate lists for our party list votes in Glasgow. One thing stands out, the Respect party (Gorgeous George) have 8 names down, the same as Labour and the Lib dems and the socialists have 7 (more than the Tories who only have 4). Who are these guys trying to fool? Does George Galloway (the former big brother contestant) really think he’s going to fill 8 seats, and do the socialists really think they’ll get 7? If either of them get one seat, they’ll be lucky and I mean one seat between…the three of them, jasus! There’s TWO socialist parties standing, AND Respect!…quick thought here guys, you ever think that by having 3 of ye’s in the same constituency…you’ll just get a third of the socialist vote each…meaning none of you’s will get any seats and instead by denying each other a seat, then that last party list seat will go too…well probably the Greens or the TORIES actually :**:!

Of course the escapades up here in Scotland of the socialist should assure anyone worried about “extremists” taking power via AV. The truth is most of these parties (BNP, SSP, UKIP, etc.) are their own worst enemy. The slightest whiff of real power and they’ll be fighting like cats amongst each other.

And scare mongering, by either side, isn’t the way to win the AV debate. I don’t give two hoots what the BNP thinks of AV, nor should anyone else!


2 thoughts on “Election update – Fear factor

    • Kerry,

      I would note that I’m in favour of AV (see my prior post for my arguments in favour), I just don’t like the idea of using fear as a weapon by either side.


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