Liberating the Libyans

As you may have heard there’s trouble in Libya, the glorious leader (the Lion of the Sahara, defender of Arabia….from Senile old Yanks, Greatest Leader in African history, Lord of all the beasts, fish, insects and microbes, Most Butch(er) boy in Tripoli, Scotland’s best friend (actually I think he once called himself this!), The Real Slim Shady, Big Girls Blouse, 50Cent’s greatest fan (after paying $1m for him to give a personal performance), finder of lost children, etc.) well he has a few problems. He seems to think its an issue of ticks and cockroaches and midges that are causing these protests, in which case he should just order some Avon skin-so-soft and everything will be fine and dandy. Then he says the protestors are all on drugs…supplied by Al-Queda.

Now we all knew Gaddafi was never the full shilling (his prior policies include mandating that all Libyans should keep chickens, even those who live in apartments) but it’s becoming obvious now that he is in fact OFFICIALLY BAT FUCKING INSANE!

So, joke’s aside, how do we get rid of him? You would think the west would be in there like a shot, bombing the shite out of him and his mercenary army, but no they are not, for several reasons. Firstly dithering by governments, any intervention would be expensive and difficult, also the links between the many western governments and Gaddafi is a major obstacle. Berlusconi and Gaddafi were as thick as thieves until recently, so he could be trying to stall the use of Italian airbases.
And the UK or US are hardly angels either. They’ve done deals with Gaddafi to get access to oil, the French have sold him fighter aircraft. The UK/US would also be worried that if he goes the more murky truth about Lockerbie might come out.

Also there is the mess that was the Iraq war. The US went into Iraq for all the wrong reasons, this now makes it very difficult for the West to go into an Arab country, even when its clear the nation’s run by a madman, as people in the Middle East are naturally suspicious of the West’s motives post-Iraq. The “collateral damage” that comes with US intervention naturally worries them (they’re safer with Gaddafi’s airforce trying to kill them than the USAF trying to save them!). The troop commitments to Iraq/Afghanistan limit the forces available. Worst of all, there is the fact that America spent all its political capital on the Iraq war and Bush went out of his way to marginalise the UN. Now it needs the UN again, it finds Russia and the Chinese in the driving seat, who have every incentive to keep Gaddafi in power as they don’t want a precedence set for military action against crazy dictators (given how many of both their allies are also crazy dictators! see links below).
Americans need to realise just how much damage Bush did to the world, which isn’t merely measured in the form of the Iraq body count, and the War’s now near 3 trillion dollar cost, but also the geopolitical costs to the West.

Finally, there is an element of “better the devil you know” logic within the Western governments. Yes Gaddafi’s off his tits, but he’s willing to sell us oil at a reasonable price. Who will take over if the opposition win? It could well be democrat types who’ll only sell oil to the highest bidder and get rid of all the corruption…or it could be a lax ineffective bribery ridden government could take over. In some respects, either of these would favour the Russian and Chinese oil companies more, as they have the money to outbid western companies in any “fair” bidding competition and the financial muscle and the lack of accountability to bribe they’re way into a corrupt regime. In short without Gaddafi the West could loose access to Libya’s oil. Obviously if the Jihadi lot take over then forget it!
So there are probably some in the halls of power thinking that actually, feck democracy and all that shite, we might be better off being seen to do something but actually doing nothing and keeping Gaddafi in play, not to mention the fact that if its likely he’s going to win anyway, there’s little to be gained politically by intervening…well aside from standing by the high minded principles our supposedly free nations were founded on!

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