The Fabulous Adventures of Baron Von Kneecap

We have an election on now in Ireland. Our PM (Taoiseach, often called T-shirt) is retiring…hardly a surprise for a guy with the nick name BIFFO. It looks likely that the new T-shirt will be Enda “cute hoor” sure-I-knew-your-father-well Kenny of Fine Gael, in coalition with Labour (that’s an actual labour party, i.e centre-left, not Tories wt Red ties as in the UK). All the parties in this election are about change of course…as in can anyone out there in the world spare us some change please :DD! Will anything change…ah! don’t be silly! Has it ever!

A lot of joke candidates and other general weirdoes running. There’s a lot of independent’s running, various one issue “down with this sort of thing” candidates, there’s the “anti-immigrant party” (for closet racists), various “Christian” parties of course. There’s even this upper class twit, born in the UK no less, by the name of the Baron of Northstead running up in Louth…no, joke! Seriously! Some Baron, a three time UK MP is running in Louth! The guy’s so lazy that apparently, he’s hardly even bothered to show up for work in London, and now he wants a job down here! Of course, just to make him sound like the everyman, he likes to go by his “commoner” name, Jerry Adams or something like that.
I hope somebody checks his Birth certificate! (though knowing those Sinn Fein types he’ll find it stapled to his forehead the next morning!)

Seriously though, there is a risk of Sinn Fein doing well in the elections as many young people seem inclined to vote for them, despite the fact that some journo ambushed “Lord” Adams (strictly speaking I have refer to him with his title of Lord or Sir) and it sounded like you’d get better financial advice from the Beano. The Journo best watched out…we know what happened to the last group of people who ambushed Sir Jerry…..

My view is that the young’uns are voting Sinn Fein for the same reason they take up smoking, because the old foggies keep telling them not to it. Once they get a bit older, they’ll learn some sense!
Then there’s the types who traditionally vote Fianna Fail (those from foreign shores may question the wisdom of putting a party with the English word “Fail” in their name in charge of the country!), but don’t want to do so this time due to the mess they’ve made. The logical solution would be to vote for the country’s other Centrist party Fine Gael, but for rather illogical reasons of political partisanship many such individuals are planning instead to vote for Sinn Fein. Suggest to them that maybe they vote labour and you hear “oh, but labour are too left wing for me”…and so instead you’re voting for a party (Sinn Fein) to the LEFT of labour, indeed if you read through Sinn Fein’s manifesto (not before bed time thought!) you’ll see they are actually to the LEFT of many socialist parties!

Of course the other major excuse for voting SF is that people are sick of corruption in politics…we are talking about a party here that until not too long ago was almost exclusively funded by criminal activity (indeed the critics would say, they still are!) so I don’t think SF is a good vote as anti-corruption candidates. Like those who vote for far right politicians in the rest of Europe (or the Tea Party in America) it’s a decision made by angry and confused people with little thought for the consequences of what they are doing. Democracy as I see it, is not so much a right as a responsibility. And if you’re not prepared to take up the responsibility of using your vote sensibly, then either don’t bother voting, vote for some independent, or just go into the booth and go inney meany miney moe!

Still its strange, in other parts of the world calling a politician a Socialist, or a Terrorist, (as the Tea party do to Obama), or call them a religious fanatic and its considered insulting, but do the same to politicians on this Island (particularly those in the North) and they’d just say “and what of it?” or “thank you!”


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