Hacked Off!

It seems that the News (don’t laugh!:DD) of the World :>> also hacked George Galloway’s phone too, and surprise, surprise our ever gorgeous George (the former Big brother contestant) is suing em.

I bring this up because it serves perhaps as a lesson for Tommy Sheridan (not that he’ll be able to read this or anything else on the internet for the next 3 years mind ;D). As I previously pointed out on this blog the whole point of that NwotW article was to get a rise out of him and the SSP…and how it worked! Had he just said, ya! I went to a swingers club, it’s a free country, how’s it any of your business? At least I didn’t dress up in a Nazi uniform there like the former editors of certain newspapers we could mention! Then he sues the paper for breaching his privacy (and with this phone hacking thing he could have really stuck the knife in). He’d have had his day in Court and probably have won and wouldn’t have had to destroy the SSP doing it.

But let’s not kid ourselves, that won’t have been the socialist way…picking a fight you can’t win, and splitting the party into three being the more preferred Socialist methods…don’t know what Gorgeous George is up to so!


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