Workers of the World…..divide!

It would seem “Gorgeous” George Galloway, the Celebrity Big Brother star (what was he thinking going on that show! now I can call him that, as can the media to his face and still keep a straight face), is returning to Scotland to run in the Scottish parliamentary elections, here in Glasgow no less. Well, it will at the very least make politics that bit more interesting again! If he wins, I say we make him special spokesman to the US congress, then we can be guaranteed they’ll shut up about all that Megrahi stuff.

Unfortunately, for “Gorgeous” George he has a challenger….we’ll okay there’ll be many challengers that’s the whole point of an election! labour candidates, liberal, SNP and (don’t laugh) Tory (soon to merge with the monster raving loony party….which would double they’re votes!). No, I’m referring to the fact that Gail Sheridan, wife of Tommy (Swinger) Sheridan is also running in the same constituency.

Ay…? Two socialist politicians running in the same constituency, won’t ye just dilute the vote and then neither of ye will get in? I mean okay, until recently, you could squeeze a loo roll between the policies of the three major parties and they all run against each other but for any small political group like the socialists its important to be a little smarter, and you know have a meeting and agree a “strategy” such as I’ll run in the constituency, you’ll run in that one, I’ll go on Celebrity Dancing on Ice, you’ll go on Celeb wipeout, etc. But as usual we can trust them to behave like true socialists and press the self destruct button. No doubt one will run under the banner “The Scottish Socialists People’s Front” and the other “The People’s Socialist Front of Scotland”, with some nutter running against both calling himself “The Scottish Socialists – Popular Front”.

A lot of people on the political left of the Green movement, often complain that the Green Party in Scotland are too middle of the road (i.e. they think it’s a good idea to use market economics to solve climate change) with those on the left feeling the party should “wear their red shirts under their green jersey’s”. Well if the Socialists in Scotland are anything to go by, I’d have to disagree, as inevitably it would mean the party splitting into several tiny fragments each of which could hold they’re AGM in a telephone box and the changes of getting people elected and influencing government policy would swiftly drop to nil.

I’m mean how many reading this actually take the socialists and they’re politics seriously? Come on? Anybody? And we’re in a time when the banks and the city have fecked up the economy, wallowing in a trough of our bail out money and now have an attitude “wasn’t our fault! Now stop whining and sign my bonus cheque”. This is a time when socialists should be running high in the polls, and they’re ideas at least being seriously considered, but no, they are instead looked on as little short of a laughing stock by most people. And while one can point the finger at a lot of malicious attacks by certain right wing biased newspapers, I think a certain level of blame needs to be met by the Socialists themselves and this constant back-biting, and in-fighting.

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