Fat Cat bankers bumper bonuses

A lot of talk also right now about big bonuses being paid to bankers. While the rest of us are getting our eyes gouged out by the recession, the very people who started it all are being rewarded. I don’t see what all the big deal is, we own most of the major banks, so the government just makes clear that if there are any bonuses paid this year they’ll be calling a shareholders meeting the next day, where they (as the largest shareholder) will then move to sack the entire board of directors of the bank…with no golden parachute or pension, just a boot out the door.

As far as the banks who aren’t part of the government bailout (many of whom, like Barclay’s still won’t be in business if it weren’t for government help) make it clear they’ll be persona non-grata at the treasury from now on, not invited to briefings, subject to regular sneak audits of their leading shareholders & account holders accounts, basically anything the government can do to depress the share price of the banks, and deter wealthy customers from doing business with them, thus eliminating next year’s bonus. I’m pretty sure that would sort the matter out, why all this pussy footing around?

My only conclusion is the Tory government wants the bankers to get their bonuses, because let’s face it most of the bankers vote Tory and the conservatives need the money on the off chance they fall out with the Lib dem’s and we have an early election.

You can sign up to become a fat cat banker yourself here:


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