Free Recreational Drugs…for the elderly

Mark Thomas is up to what he was doing last year – a people’s manifesto. This involves going around the country and getting people to suggest policies which all those in the audience then votes on (so strictly speaking it was Mark Thomas (the socialist!) who came up with the Tories big society policy!). Some of his favorites from last year were “invade Jersey!”, “Party political manifestos should be legally binding.” ,”The Daily Mail should have to declare on the masthead ‘The newspaper that supported Hitler!” , “Anyone in favour of banning immigration should sign a register and they will be banned from travelling abroad.”

Anyway, the Beeb have broadcasted the first episode of the new series, thought given the polices suggested I’m not sure if they’ll broadcast many more episodes. The old chestnuts from last year of course re-emerge, ask people for good policies and they’re always be someone in the back of the room saying “bring back hanging”. Mark’s response is yes, but let’s make it voluntary. If you’re in favour of hanging, you can sign up for it and go on a register. If you then break any law yourself which you previously held should be a hanging offence – we hang you!
Other policies tackled this week include, forcing all MP’s to use public transport & public health care & state schools, a ban on non-dom’s from funding parties and……free recreational drugs for the elderly. The last one though, think about it, if you’re old the drugs won’t have time to ruin you’re health. Once teenagers seeing grannies Zimmerframing around high on Ecstasy they’ll decide that drugs aren’t cool anymore & stop taking them, and I don’t see some 80 year old pensioner trying to nick my stereo to feed his drug habit.

Worth a listen


One thought on “Free Recreational Drugs…for the elderly

  1. I watched a prog on BBC3 last week about a 70 something year old who regularly makes chicken and leek pie with a skunk pastry and serves it in the sheltered housing complex she lives in, was rather interesting how the older generation percieve drugs. Got to remember before the late 80′ e and such like where just being intoduced where as harder drugs were around generations before hand and most kids had a cough bottle that contained coke. The pensioners would probably laugh at the narcotics available on the streets these days.


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