Cartoon Criminals

Any of ye’s hear the news about another bunch of wanabe Jihadi’s being arrested for trying to attack the Danish cartoonists.

It’s very hard to not find the funny side of this, Al-Queda’s credibility rating is now little more that a joke, the 3-lions film actually portrayed them in far more glowing terms than the reality. I mean even if they had even succeeded what are they going to say, I martyr’ed myself for Islam, I could have gone after something big and pointy like a western nuclear missile site, or an airbase, or a power station, but instead we hit the west where it will feel it the most….by attacking a cartoonist for a small provincial Danish news paper. He’ll get his 40 virgins alright, problem is they’ll be a bunch of Gay leather bound bikers (like in the scene from Police Academy)!

“Danish Justice Minister Lars Barfoed said this is outrageous”……Outrageously stupid perhaps?

I might also note that the irony of this islamist obsession about Danish Cartoon’s and images of Mohammed is misplaced. The cartoon that caused the most offence was actually drawn by a French cartoonist caricaturing something else entirely, which got switched into the pile of images circulating the Muslim world (it showed a man with his face manipulated with the nose of a pig). Also the jury is out in Islam as to whether his portrayal is actually blasphemous. Numerous historic pictures of him by Islamic artists can be found.

Also, I’m pretty sure a caricature of him wouldn’t count as Blasphemy, as in any event, the reason why they don’t like images of Mohammed, is the Muslim aversion to iconography. In other words, so long as nobody worshipped these cartoons, it ain’t blasphemy, engaging in violent protest/plotting to blow people up on the other had I think pretty much counts.


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