Sheridan v’s Sheridan

Well between Vince Cable being stitched up and Tommy Sheridan being done for perjury it looks like it’s a very merry Christmas for Rupert Murdoch this year.

Course lets not forget that Tommy Sheridan’s being convicted for two reasons, one he (probably)lied and secondly, cos he’s an ar$e! Of course that doesn’t make the Murdoch’s any the less of a bunch of bast$%ds themselves. The point Tommy Sheridan’s been making about the Murdoch’s having way too much power and influence is still valid though. There ought to be a law forbidding anyone from controlling any more than one media outlet (even in multiple countries). As if we don’t have enough problems with loud mouth Aussies (i.e wikifreaks)!

Even so, least we forget, the whole reason why that article about Tommy Sheridan appeared in the (don’t laugh!) News of the World (its strange how they call it that, A. there’s no actual news in it & B. it really mentions the world, top story is usually about some footballer sleeping around or something!) was to try and get a rise out of the Scottish Socialists. And how it succeeded – effectively Tommy Sheridan and the Scottish Socialist party basically self destructed as a consequence of one article in a tabloid rag. While yes, there probably was quite a bit of snooping around by the Murdoch press, who were clearly out to get the knife in and anyone who believes that the editors of the NotW (or the Murdoch’s) didn’t know about this phone tapping going on, ya sure, pull the other one! But the bulk of the damage to the SSP was done by various ego-manics within the party itself.

There’s a lot of things we can blame Rupert Murdoch for (G. Bush Junior, Fox News, Tea party, Sarah Palin, the Rise of the Machines (just you wait!)) but bringing down the SSP isn’t one of those, they managed that quite nicely by themselves. Bloody socialists! they’re their own worst enemy! Put two of them in a room for 5 minutes & they’ll form 4 different rival parties who’ll despise each other to the point where they’d both vote Tory to stop the other fella getting in.

Here’s something else from the BEEB which may give ye’s a wee giggle :DD:

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