not dreaming of a white christmas

Snow nightmare! Christmas ruined by snow! That’s what the tabloid headlines scream

Now call me nostalgic but when I was a lad, a white Christmas was considered to be a great thing. Is it just that we all thought it sounded like a grand idea until we realised that its a tad impractical having all this slippy white stuff around while we rush around preparing for Christmas or is it just the habit of the media that they always have to find fault with anything? If they can make such a big fuss out of something as innocent as a little snow it might be worth while having a bowl of salt handy when you listen to the news next time.

Speaking of which, you may have heard about the great Vince Cable stitch up. Two reporters pretending to be constituents ambushed him, and goaded him in to saying various nasty things about the coalition. This has resulted in the decision on whether to approve the BSB merger being taken out of his hands and given to a conservative minister. If there’s ever been a more blatant political stitch up I’ve not come across it. Vince Cable being business secretary and overseer of Rupert Murdoch’s empire has been a major irritation for the Murdoch’s since the forming of this coalition. They have been trying to go after the lib dems and Vince Cable from day one and finally it seems they along with the Tory’s and they’re allies in the Daily Telegraph have finally pulled it off. A sad day for British politics. One love for some related to this to come out on Wikileaks…….


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