Letters from America

In the US the Republicans are claiming they’re first major success in getting Obama to agree to keep Bush’s tax cuts to the rich in return for him getting to keep paying people on welfare due to the recession. Now, one of the few sensible policies of the Tea party & they’re Republican allies is the fact that they want to bring down the federal deficit in the US….anyone care to explain to me how lowing taxes and raising spending actually helps reduce the deficit. And of course, that’s probably the Tea party’s only sensible policy, noting of course that the easiest way to cut the deficit would be to cut out a good deal of the $700 Billion that the US spends on defence (they spend just over half the world’s entire global military budget more than the next 18 countries combined!), but given that this policy would mean many tea partiers losing their jobs it’s no surprise they don’t want anyone doing that…it would be “unpatriotic”, i.e I’ll get the sack! Fact is the Tea partiers or they’re Republican allies are only interested in cutting the bits of the deficit which don’t subsidise them, they want socialism for themselves and the neo-liberal rat-race for everyone else.

The tea party’s other policies of course include compulsory gun ownership (American Idol replaced by American Saloon Draw’s….well it would make good TV, especially when Simon Cowell gets his turn!), that the Birth certificates of all black men shall be verified by a anonymous panel of their white peers (who to preserve they’re anonymity will don pointed white hoods), the banning of “socialist indoctrination” classes in public schools (that’s what the rest of us call “science”) or indeed feck it! Lets just ban public schools altogether (Ron Paul the likely tea party candidate for president wants to shut down the Dept. Of Education, no joking!), allowing people to stock and use gold as units of currency is another favourite (why carrying a gun mightn’t be a bad idea!).

Anyway, one has to conclude that the very fact that this tax deal is being done signifies that the American political system is basically dead/paralysed. Getting the sort of meaningful change needed to prevent the US going bankrupt or to get America to wake up to the dangers of Climate change, peak oil or numerous other pressing problems, or indeed any sort of a major change in US foreign policy/domestic policy, is now likely impossible, not by any president (unless you do what Bush did and lie left, right and centre while ignoring the rules and accusing anyone who disagreed with you of being on the side of the terrorists) While the Tea party argue along similar lines, one must conclude they are more part of the problem than the solution.

Speaking of American nutters, that pastor who wanted to burn a load of Koran’s wants to come over to Britain to give a speech for the EDL (a neo-nazi group who think the BNP are a bunch of big girly socialist softies). Course he claims he’ll be coming to “spread peace and harmony”….I’m sure the nazi’s said something similar when driving they’re tanks into Poland. One thing though we credit him with making clear is how the West is going about this whole “war on terror” thing the wrong way. When the latest “stupid-icide bombing” perp (a word I just invented to describe the sort of hapless wannabe jihadi of the likes in the 4 lions film, or indeed the Glasgow airport “attack”) in Stockholm left he’s final message he basically said “stop drawing cartoons!” (I smell a Darwin award!)

Anyway, if we knew what we know now back in 2001, then straight after the 9/11 attacks, all the US would have had to do is, rather than invade Afghanistan, send a cargo plane into Kabul airport with a big pile of Korans (or indeed a load of old phone books, who’d know the difference!), and a GI with a petrol can and a box of matches & tell the Taliban to give up Bin Laden….. or else. Five minutes later, Bin Laden is led bound and gagged onto the plane. If than didn’t work a crack team of Danish cartoonists is next deployed (Operation Hagar ?) or a team of English school teachers armed with teddy bears, they wouldn’t know what hit them! Worried about wikileaks stuff falling into the hands of terrorists (or indeed any government document)? Simple! just draw a picture of Mohammed on it (even a stick figure with the word Mo written beneath it should do). Who needs expensive body armour whey you can just strap Korans to yourself (or again just phone books, they keep trying to deliver them to my flat and they way they go on, you’d swear they were Korans). Think of the billions of pounds that could have been saved!


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