Chinese takeaway

Ye all hear about the Prince of Wales car being “attacked” (well not really, no worse than you’d get driving through Paisley), like something from the French revolution, if you believe the media. The Queen I hear was terribly distressed – especially when she heard that both Charles and Camilla were still alive ;0
The talk now from the government of “lessons to be learnt about this lapse in security….” i.e. our security wasn’t tight enough….I’d tend to go the other way, excessive security is precisely the sort of thing which just encourages violent protest. Furthermore if you don’t bring in policies that are likely to provoke protests like this (what really got the students rattled was that both the conservatives and liberals had stated they’re opposition to tuition fees, if they’d had tried to play populist while Labour were in power), then you won’t need excessive security.

Speaking of police states, the Nobel peace prize is being awarded today….to an empty chair, why? Because the Chinese aren’t releasing this year’s winner (Liu Xiao bo) to collect the award. Now, that’s hardly surprising, what is clear is that many countries are bowing into pressure from the Chinese to not attend the ceremony. Now while this list of non attendees reads like a whose who of Totalitarian regimes, it does demonstrate how much influence the Chinese are getting in the world and how the West’s policy of appeasement to China on issues such as Human rights is clearly failing. If there’s one thing we learnt in 1939 is that appeasement of aggressors does not work, it just makes them more aggressive until eventually they demand something that you’re not prepared to give up on. Now while I’m not advocating a war with China, I am suggesting that we need to make clear to them that continued trade will be dependant on them adopting a better track record on human rights, both home and abroad. Indeed if we don’t the danger is that a war could eventually happen, most likely over something like Taiwan or the South China Sea.

In the case of Taiwan Chinese pressure has prevented the sale of any modern weaponry to the Taiwanese, such that they are now unlikely to be able to repel a Chinese attack (the US military reckons they’ll hold out for about a week without American intervention). This more or less guarantees that now if there is any confrontation over Taiwan, the US will be drawn into direct conflict with China, and possibly their allies too (i.e Britain, Korea, Japan and maybe the EU). Of course if the Americans & EU had told the Chinese to feck off, sold the Taiwanese whatever they asked for, then a war would be less likely (the Chinese know they’d risk loosing) and even then it would be a proxy war between China and a US satellite state rather than a superpower standoff (with the risk of WWIII). By the way, there is a law on the books in China saying that if Taiwan makes any move towards independence then China must take some form of military action, thought the exact action isn’t defined, it could range from a full scale invasion, a naval/air blockade….or they could have one soldier row over to Taiwan in a rowing boat, assault the Island and get promptly killed in the first 2 seconds!

So in short the likes of David Cameron doing a Neville Chamberlain when he was over there with a trade delegation a few months back, doesn’t do anyone any good, not even the Chinese. He say’s he did bring up Human Rights…during the trade negotiations, something like this I suspect:
“…now you’ll read in paragraph 5 about our high interest rate loads….Cough! human rights Cough!….which is payable over a 3 year period….”
or “now before you sign…human rights….no?….not you’re thing Is it? well nevermind, just make the Cheque out to…”)

The Chinese are responding to the Nobel Prize by announcing they’re own version the Confucius Prize…presumably awarded to bloody dictators who lecture their victims on the merits of philosophy, while they are being tortured.
Then again Confucius did say:
“Man who piss of big government, spend long time in big house”
One of Confucius less well known sayings such as:
“man who go to bed with itchy ass wake up with smelly finger”
“Man who drive like hell sure to get there quickly”
“Before you do bad to another walk 100 miles in his shoes…that way if he finds out and gets angry, you are 100 miles away and you have his shoes”
“Man who walk through airport door sideways is going to Bangkok.”
“Man who drop watch in toilet, bound to have shitty time.”
“Man who pushes piano down mineshaft get tone of A flat miner.”
(I’ll stop now) Actually what is interesting is the names of some of the countries who also aren’t attending, which includes…Afghanistan and Iraq…so that war a few years ago….oh, sorry! Still ongoing, its over something about bringing democracy and a respect for human rights, ya? Doesn’t seem to be working now does it? Why are Western troops fighting to preserve governments who have now sided with China on Human rights…oh ya! I almost forgot, cos they’ve got oil & gas, which of course the last two wars had absolutely nothing to do with.

On an unrelated topic, here’s a nice picture from a protestor last week, love the sign!


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