And speaking of Health and Safety

I made it into Uni today to do some lab work. Realising that the exam supervision teams were understaffed I offered to help out. Midway through all this we get told that we’re all to go home a 6pm (forcing me to cut short my experiments) and that a new exam diet will be held in January to offset the effects of snow. This means the lecturers will have to write a new paper & I suspect those students who made a genuine effort to get it will be none to pleased others get an extra months study time. Also given many of the lecturers were not too pleased about the whole moving exams to before Christmas anyway, I suspect there will be some grumbling.
And of course we were sent home because of the snow…that would be the frozen water that’s all over the city. Why oh why does this country grind to halt because of snow. I know it’s a tired argument, and in part its cos we don’t have the right infrastructure but in part I also thing its because people realise they can just not bother to try and get by (bunk of work etc.), while in Europe they realise they’ve no choice.
Also there’s the small matter of the Health & Safety people. Why are so many schools still shut? Oh, kids might slip in the snow and injure themselves. And what are most of those kids doing now…playing in the snow and risking injury. But there is it seems, as far as those High Vis jacket wearing H & S types and ambulance chasing lawyers go, a world of a difference between being hurt in ones back garden or in the School yard. We live in a perfect world and whenever anything goes wrong it’s obviously someone’s fault, accidents don’t just happen.
Predictably some people are starting to panic buy, past some guy on the way into work coming from the supermarket with 6 loaves of bread under his arm and bags of shopping. Of course enough of these ejits start to panic and it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy, meaning the rest of us have to go without. It’s just a little frozen water, not the end of civilisation as we know it!
That said it is a reminder of how dependant we are on the transport network and getting lots of stuff from far away. Or how too many of us live an impractically long distance from where we work or shop. Such disruption is something of a fire drill for the post-peak oil era, except in the post peak oil era it won’t be a day or two’s disruption, it will be more or less permanent.


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